#Sergeant William Robinson Clarke

Royal Flying Corps – Army / RAF Pilot

Sergeant Robbie Clarke Pilot WWI (Royal Flying Corps – Army), and later the RAF, was a West Indian from Jamaica and was one of the first Black Pilots, if not the first who fought for Britain. He travelled thousands of miles at his own expense in order to fight beside Britain in WWI. We know about his life in the service because he was a prolific writer and wrote to his mother frequently.

He was shot down by German fighters during a dog fight and was severely wounded by a bullet which hit his spine. However, he was able to land his plane, saving the lives of both him and his navigator.

Robbie Clarke wanted to make a difference, and that he did, and was able to live a fruitful life after the war.

Read about William Robbie Clarke’s time in service in the book. “Pilots and Soldiers of the Caribbean: Fighting Men of the Caribbean”. By Maureen M Dickson

Book – ISBN. 978 1838 0127 48 – e-Book ISBN: 978 1838 0127 55

This book can be purchased from http://www.caribbeanservicemen.com ,Amazon, Blackwell’s, Goodreads, Waterstones and all good online stores.


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