#Flight Lieutenant JOHN BLAIR DFO

FLIGHT LIEUTENANT JOHN BLAIR DFO volunteered for the RAF while in Jamaica in 1941 and was trained in Monkton, Canada, and RAF Kinloss in Scotland. And assigned to the 102 (Ceylon) Squadron which was stationed at Pocklington, Yorkshire.┬áHe was a Navigator and was part of a crew that flew Halifax bombers. He flew in 33Continue reading “#Flight Lieutenant JOHN BLAIR DFO”

#Sergeant William Robinson Clarke

Royal Flying Corps – Army / RAF Pilot Sergeant Robbie Clarke Pilot WWI (Royal Flying Corps – Army), and later the RAF, was a West Indian from Jamaica and was one of the first Black Pilots, if not the first who fought for Britain. He travelled thousands of miles at his own expense in orderContinue reading “#Sergeant William Robinson Clarke”


Alhaji Grunshi   Alhaji Grunshi was the soldier who fired the first shot in WWI, who was part of the Gold Coast Regiment. He made that historic shot on 4th August 1914 in Togoland (Then a German Colony in West Africa) Grunshi was later awarded the military medal in 1918 for bravery. However, the first shotContinue reading “WWI FIRST SHOT FIRED”

The Colour Bar and Black Pilots WWII

Spitfire Pilot Flight Sergeant James Hyde Spitfire Pilot Although the colour bar was lifted from 1939 the RAF did not go to the West Indies to start recruitment of black aircrew until 1940, after they experienced great losses and in the Battle of Britain. It was only then that the colour bar was reluctantly, properlyContinue reading “The Colour Bar and Black Pilots WWII”