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Maureen Dickson formally a U.S. Realtor, Property TV Presenter, Producer and Oral Historian.

Maureen’s long-standing passion for history took a turn after having a life-changing conversation with her terminally ill father. Although he was too young to go to war in WWII, (in fact he turned eighteen years old weeks before the war came to an end), however, he was able to tell her what life was like in Guyana (British Guiana as it was then known, in South America), during the war years. With this information Maureen decided to look into what role Guyana and the West Indies played during the war.

In order to record their personal accounts of the war Maureen interviewed ex-service personnel not only in Britain, but travelled to the West Indies, with the aim that she could preserve their war experiences for posterity. Her hope was that the future generations, would be as inspired as she was, by her father’s account of life in Guyana during the war years, and the people he knew who had gone to war to fight alongside Britain.

Pilots and Soldiers of the Caribbean

Maureen Dickson Copyright 2020 ©

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